Venue Rental

Unforgettable events in our spaces or your own.

Venue Rental

We are here to help you fulfill your visions, whether you use our spaces or your own. Our team will take care of every detail and ensure the smooth progress of your event.

Staré Lázně

Social Center Staré Lázně

Staré Lázně were built by the reconstruction of the original Art Nouveau steam baths from 1915. The building survived both a bomb hit during the Allied bombing in 1945 and the socialist era. In 2001, we underwent a comprehensive reconstruction and opened two dance halls on the ground floor, a bowling alley, and a multipurpose social hall on the first floor.

Main Hall - designed for various social events (concerts, balls, corporate events, conferences, etc.) with a capacity of 400 seated visitors. This space is equipped with the latest air conditioning, fire protection system, and wheelchair access. The main hall was built as a separate space to ensure that events held here are not disrupted by the operation of the lower hall. However, if needed, all these spaces can be interconnected into one unit.

Dance Halls on the Ground Floor - these halls are continuously modernized. If needed, the halls can be interconnected into one unit. Each hall has its own restroom facilities and a possible main entrance.

Restaurant U Radnice

A pleasant and modern restaurant in the center of Kolín, where you can go with family or friends for lunch, dinner, beer, or celebrate corporate and family events.

  • Main Restaurant - 108 seating places
  • Large Lounge - 52 seating places
  • Small Lounge - ... seating places
  • Garden - open only in the summer months

U Radnice
Statek Starý Kolín

Farm Starý Kolín

A relaxed atmosphere of a reconstructed rural farmhouse for enjoying pleasant moments with family or friends. Possibility to hold a wedding ceremony indoors or outdoors, spaces for about 100 people, a lounge, a game room, and a courtyard with covered seating. Accommodation for up to 55 people and parking in the area.

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Together, we will create unforgettable experiences for you and your guests right in your own spaces.

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